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David Kersh – one of the most popular country entertainers of the late 1990s – is back on stage and back on the road, touring the country with Rhett Akins, Chad Brock and Daryle Singletary as part of the Honky Tonk Tailgate Party.

David, who first became known for his top five hits “Goodnight Sweetheart” and the Brad Paisley-written “Another You”, debuted in 1996. His undeniable talent and his 1,000-watt smiles quickly gained him legions of fans, and his wholesome appeal came to be known as “Humble Charm.”

Born and raised in Humble, Texas, David captured the hearts of fans all across the United States and spent an energized 3 years on the road, where people came to know him as a friend as well as a star performer.

But in 1999, disaster of sorts stuck when the rapidly rising star – always willing to sing that extra song to please his fans, found himself with a strained voice and struggling to keep the quality sound he demanded of himself. David needed to spend some time to recover and a few years later, he was back, better than ever!

“His concerts are so wild,” says one critic. “Anything goes. He loves to jump smack in the middle of a maddening crowd. He brings female fans to tears and leaves them begging for more. And his music is sensational. The guy knows how to work a stage ... and has a good time doing it. ”

Music critics aren’t the only ones who’ve fallen hard for David Kersh. From coast-to-coast and border-to-border, country music fans were flocking to see this talented musician with the “anything goes” attitude during his “first career.”

Now that he’s begun a “second career,” David vows to resume the breath-taking pace that all started with the debut single “Goodnight Sweetheart” and the album of the same name. His second album, If I Never Stopped Loving You really shifted David’s career into high gear and had him being hailed as one of Nashville’s most dynamic young performers.

If you go back and listen to the 11 songs on If I Never Stopped Loving You, you’ll understand why back in the 1990s David found himself in a front-row seat on the bus ride to stardom. The energy of his live show was captured on this disc – a difficult task for many.

Needless to say, David’s forced layoff was tough for both him and his fans. But now that he’s back, you can expect him to shift his heart-wrenching vocals and plaintive emotion into an even higher gear.

“It’s wonderful when people come up and say hello and get my autograph. I’ve often found myself on stage for an hour-and-a half, then going back to the bus, with time enough just to catch my breath, before going out for meet-and-greets and signing autographs for two more hours.

“Visiting with people after the show allows them to see me in another setting – not as a performer. I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed that.”

David has always done more than pose for a photo and sign an autograph. His amiable nature allows him to easily engage his sometimes speechless admirers into personable chats.

As you might expect of a road trouper, David has developed his own musical style. His traditional country sound mixes with a “now” touch that links today’s generation to the wide-ranging roots of country music.

“I’ve always left myself wide open as far as the spectrum of country music today," he says. “I’ll try and cover all of it, because that’s just me. That’s why I always done rock ‘n’ roll in my live show – it’s very much a part of who I am.

“The legendary Buck Owens once gave me some words of wisdom. ‘Give the fans what they want.’ I took those words to heart ... and I’ll take ‘em on stage with me every night.

“I always have – and I still do – cover a broad spectrum of music, which is a good reflection of who David Kersh is. There’s a lot of me.

“I don’t want to be known as ‘just the artist, David Kersh,’ I want to be known as ‘David Kersh, the artist who does everything.’”

All of the fans who followed David in his first career – and all of the “soon-to-be” fans who will fall in love with David in his second career – are going to see and hear a man who’s reaching for the top in country music … and will one day soon be standing on the peak of that mountain. Again.

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