"The twin sons of Ricky Nelson, really show off their talent, both as singers and as entertainers. They have a fabulous band and the vocals are superb. They also do a great job of covering their hits from the 90's. I highly recommend taking a strong look at THE NELSONS. They are a very underrated act." - Kell Houston/The Good Music Agency 

"Turned out to be Disney's greatest new addition to the Epcot Festival talent line-up for Flower Power"."There is demand to have them return again this year". -Brad Ross/Disney Entertainment

Through tornadoes, hail and pouring rain...they will be there. They will put on one terrific show! They are the best." -Melody Gallion/Bob Gallion Productions

Ladies and Gentlemen...

You are all in for a very special experience!!!

Youíre about to witness a show that features overa half-century of #1 hit songs!

Beginning with the pioneering Rock Ní Roll of their legendary father- Grammy Award-winning Rock Ní Roll Hall of Famer, Rick Nelson...

...through the years of their three million-selling debut album, After The Rain with their band NELSON...

...and beyond to their hits of today and tomorrow...

Theyíre in the Guinness Book of World Records as being the only family in history to have unleashed 3 generations of #1 Hitmakers...

Ladies and Gentlemen... following in the traditions of the First Family of American entertainment...

Please Welcome...

Matthew and Gunnar ... NELSON!!!

This extremely kinetic, high-energy show with unmatched pedigree and Ďclass factorí is the show that launched their stratospheric debut and led to multi-platinum success. The show can be instantly and effortlessly tailored to the occasion and for a specific audience and or buyers needs. 

Gunnar and Matthew are incredibly professional, down to earth and easy to work with. They love doing everything they can do to help the buyer to promote upcoming shows (TV, radio, newspaper, etc.)

And the event sparkles both on stage and off and keeps making magic long after the music stops for Gunnar and Matthew take pride and pleasure in personally meeting everyone in their audience after the Show.

Q. Why is NELSONís concert THE show to book?

A.  Simply put, thereís no finer show of itís kind on the planet.

(over 60 million in sales)
Traveliní Man
 Milk Cow Blues
Iím Walkin
Stood Up
Garden Party
Itís Late
Waitiní In School
Poor Little Fool
My Bucketís Got
 a Hole In It
Hello, Mary Lou
 I Got A Feeliní
(over 3,000,000 sales
 in albums and singles)

(I Canít Live Without Your) Love and Affection
(#1 Billboard Hot 100!!!)
After The Rain
(#1 R & R #3 Billboard)
More Than Ever
(#3 R & R #5 Billboard)
Only Time Will Tell
 (#7 R & R #11 Billboard)
(You Got Me) All Shook Up
(Top 40 Billboard)


Nelson can be available for your stage in two forms
with a full band production to headline  - or-  as an acoustic duo to support

for more information, please contact
Phone 914-319-9995