THE KINGSMEN Contract Rider

This rider shall be considered a part of the Agreement between the Purchaser and THE KINGSMEN (hereinafter referred to as "Artist").

1. IN THE EVENT "Wage Agreed Upon" included a percentage of gross gate receipts, then:

A. Artist retains the right to monitor said receipts at any time, as well as the right to have person(s) of Artist employ actually present at the gate(s) at which receipts are taken in, and such person(s) shall have the right to monitor said receipts on an on going basis.

B. Artist retains the right to determine the rate of cover charge. Cover charge for this event shall be _______________ and said rate shall not be reduced, eliminated or in any manner altered without prior written consent of the Artist.

C. All special promotions likely to affect said gross gate receipts (such as reduced cover for women, or reduced cover during certain hours etc.) must be submitted to the Artists' Management for approval no less than fourteen (14) days prior to Publication of Promotion, and no less than fourteen (14) days prior to date of engagement.


A guest list will be permitted for each performance, and will allow up to but no more than two (2) guests per contracted band member, two (2) per on duty employees of the Artist, and two (2) guests per on duty employee of the Purchaser. Exception to this rule must be approved by the Artists Management in advance.


Space for two (2) trucks at loading area during load in and load out and within two (2) blocks of venue during show; and space for Artists cars within two blocks of venue from load in to load out.


The Artist requires a minimum stage area of 35' wide x 15' deep with one 8' x 8' drum riser. Artist shall be notified at least fourteen (14) days prior to engagement if modification must be made.


Artist shall be provided site access of engagement for purpose of setting up sound equipment no less than six (6) hours prior to the state of performance. A complete sound check will be permitted. Purchaser agrees to notify Artist no less than forty eight (48) hours in advance if the time previously arranged for load in or load out of Artist equipment is to be changed.


Purchaser agrees to furnish at Purchaser's sole cost and expense, seven (7) single rooms at a First Class Hotel (per requested night) nearest to the performance site for the term of the engagement. The hotel should have room service adjacent restaurant.


Purchaser agrees to supply at sole cost and expense local ground transportation from airport to hotel to venue and vice versa. Plus internal ground transporation (if applicable) in between showdates. Please be aware that is a entourage of seven (7) people traveling with some musical equipment.


Dressing room for Artist must be clean, well lit, air-conditioned/heated, with full length mirrors, electrical outlets and washroom facilities. Ten (10) towels must be provided before performance. Purchaser agrees to provide adequate security for Artist personnel, instruments, equipment, vehicles, etc. from stage call until completion of load out.


Purchaser shall provide the following in the dressing room area prior to the performance:

A. Assortment of cold cuts, cheeses and fruit, vegetables and dip, crackers or bread rolls

B. Two (2) six packs each of "7Up" and "Coke" in ice plus mineral water with bottle opener.

C. Hot coffee and cups

Prior to show : one (1) hot sit down meal for seven (7) to be coordinated with road manager. This meal should include salad, entree, fresh vegetables, dessert and iced tea, soft drinks, and coffee (with cream and sugar). NO FAST FOOD PLEASE!!!

10. NO RECORDING of performance is allowed, unless written consent of Artist management is secured fourteen (14) days prior to engagement.


Artist retains the right to sell concessions (T-Shirts, CD's, etc.) at the performance at no cost to the Artist.


All interviews, promotional appearances and autograph sessions must be made one week in advance, and must be cleared with Clyde Masters, Gehl Force Management at (615) 329-3787.


Purchaser is required to provide at his sole cost and expense the opening act. Artist's management reserves the right of approval.


Purchaser agrees to pay by CASH or CASHIER'S CHECK payable to THE KINGSMEN prior to the first show performance.


It is understood and agreed that the Artist shall receive the following billing in all manner and forms of advertising in connection with this engagement: THE KINGSMEN 100%.


In the event this show is not presented for any reason the Artist shall be paid the full contract price, provided the Artists are prepared to perform at the designated time and place as specified in the attached contract. The only exception shall be at the discretion of the Artist, or if cancellation of this appearance is made thirty (30) days prior to the contracted date in which case the deposit or fifty (50%) percent of the total contract amount, which ever is greater, shall be retained by and /or paid to the Artist.


If any patron, guest, Purchaser's agent, employee(s) or any other person admitted to the venue by Purchaser or the Purchaser's agents or employee(s), sustains bodily injury, or if any damage to property on the premises is incurred, caused either directly or indirectly by Artist's equipment or sound/light company contracted to provide production for this KINGSMEN show, Purchaser agrees to hold harmless the Artist.


Purchaser shall at all times exercise security over equipment and personnel on stage and at the mixing console area, preventing access to same by unauthorized personnel. Artist retains all control over placement and operation of sound system and lighting system. Sound level shall be maintained to D.E.Q. standards. Purchaser shall furnish complete sound system, including sound man requires access to the system one (1) hour prior to sound check. Band requires a Stage Plot (attached) prior to the arrival of the band's sound engineer. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING ARE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS.

A. Minimum Main Mixing Console Requirements:

1. 24 Channel balanced inputs

2. 3 position EQ per channel

3. 3 aux. Busses per channel

4. 2 aux. Or effect returns

B. Minimum Main Processing Requirements:

1. One compressor limiter/stereo

2. One digital delay/reverb

3. One third octave equalizer

4. One three-way electric crossover

5. One 100 foot audio snake to remote mixing station (27 channel minimum)

C. Minimum Monitor Processing Requirements:

1. Four third octave equalizers

D. Minimum Monitor Speakers and Power Requirements /Two Mixes:

First Mix: Two (2) floor wedges loaded with 15" speakers and high frequency compression drivers. 600 watt power amp rated at speaker load.

Second Mix: One (1) floor and amp with same requirements as mix 1

Third Mix: One (1) floor and amp with same requirements as mix 1

Fourth Mix: One (1) side fill style cabinet loaded with 15" speakers and high compression frequency driver or two (2) floor wedge cabinets loaded with 15" speakers and high frequency compression drivers. 300 watt power amp rated at speaker load.

E. Minimum Monitor Mixing Requirements:

1. 16 channel balanced inputs

2. 3 position EQ per channel

3. Minimum of 4 separate mixes

4. Reference monitor-selectable to any mix for monitor engineer

F. Minimum Main Speaker and Power Requirements: (3 Way Electric Crossover)

A. Indoor rooms, up to 1,000 people:

1. 2 low bins: Minimum 300 watt power handling capacity each 600 watt power amp rated at speaker load

2. 2 mid bins: Minimum 200 watt power handling capacity each 400 watt power amp at rated speaker load

3. High frequency compression drivers and horns with 200 watt power handling capacity 200 watt power amp rated

at speaker (driver) load

B. Venues: Indoor 1,000-3,000 seats/any outdoor minimum

1. 2 sub bins (18" or 15") per side with 1200 watt power (4 total)

2. 2 mid bins (12" or 15") per side with 800 watt power (4 total)

3. 2 compression drivers with horn per side, with 400 watt

power (4 total)

C. Venues: 3,000-6,000

1. 4 sub bins (18" or 15") per side with 2400 watt power (8 total)

2. 4 mid bins (12" or 15") per side with 1600 watt power (8 total)

3. 4 compression drivers with horn per side, with 800 watt

power (8 total)

D. Venues: 6,000 + seats

Additional equipment proportional to increases indicated.


1. 5 Vocal mics: SM 57,58,56 or mic with similar pattern and proximity effect.

2. 5 direct boxes (minimum of one active)

3. 3 mics for guitar amps: SM 57 or SM 58

4. Drum mics as follows: Kick - RE 20 or Sunheiser 421

Snare - SM 57, 56 or 58

Toms - (4) SM 57, 56, 58 or

Sunheiser 421

Overhead - AKG 460, AKG 451 , Shure

81 or Sony ECM 50


Purchaser shall furnish the complete lighting system, including technician, suitable for a professional appearance of the stage and show.


The following musical stage equipment will be provided at the sole cost and expense of the Purchaser for all engagements, unless otherwise specified. IN ORDER OF PREFERENCE:

A. DRUMS five piece WOOD drum kit (no plastic/metal), including cymbals and throne.

1. Ludwig

2. Rogers

3. Tama

4. Pearl

B. GUITAR Amp. 1

1. Music Man 2-12" (JBL) HD 130

2. Peavey Heritage 2-12" (Black Widow speakers, TUBE amp)

3. Fender Twin (JBL)


1. Music Man 2-12" (JBL) HD 130

2. Peavey Heritage 2-12" (Black Widow speakers, TUBE amp)

3. Fender Twin (JBL)


1. Peavey or TOA Keyboard amp

2. Two channel amp suitable for keyboard monitoring


MI/D50 or DX 7 (or equivalent) with stand: stand to support one synthesizer at 36" minimum height.

F. BASS Amp Head

1. Ampeg SVT

2. Gallien-Kruger 800


1. Ampeg SVT


Artist requires that all of the foregoing clauses in this rider be adhered to, as they are all necessary to present the best possible show. Any changes whatsoever must be reported to management immediately.

It is well understood that venues vary and at times some parts of this rider may be difficult to accomplish, if such a problem or difficulty should arise, please contact Artist Management.


Management: Clyde Masters / Gehl Force Management

1106 18th. Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37212

(615) 329-3787

FAX: (615) 321-5532







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