This rider and specifications herein are deemed necessary by ARTIST in order to present the best possible show and is part of the ARTIST'S contract as is fully set forth therein. Should the BUYER have any problems fulfilling any items herein, please contact immediately: Pucker Productions


Any contract returned with rider unattached, unsigned, or altered in any way without negotiations and written consent from ARTIST shall make contract null and void and shall be deemed reason for immediate cancellation of the specified engagement. 


BUYER shall make deposits of guarantee as specified on contract in form of a CASHIER'S OR CERTIFIED CHECK payable to Pucker Productions at the above address. If date of engagement is within thirty (30) days, BUYER must make deposit by bank wire transfer to ; Pucker Productions (Bank Account Details to be provided). BUYER shall not have the right to announce, advertise, promote or sell tickets until deposit is received by Pucker Productions. BALANCE of contract shall be paid, upon demand, day of show, in form of CASH OR CASHIER'S CHECK made payable to PUCKER PRODUCTIONS. 


BUYER agrees to provide, at his own expense, all backline, all necessary stage and technical equipment, a sound system adequate for venue. Buyer will provide stagehands, loaders, staging, rigging, services, all necessary licenses, advertising and publicizing, for each performance scheduled at no cost to ARTIST. BUYER also agrees to accept responsibility for theft of, and/or damage to any of ARTIST'S property by any personnel furnished by the BUYER.


ARTIST provides a complete show, and has the right to approve any opening acts. ARTIST shall receive 100% headline billing in any and all advertising and publicity, and shall close the show at each performance, unless otherwise specified. This billing shall read: NELSON 


The BUYER shall not commit ARTIST to any personal appearances, interviews, or any other type of promotion. Promotion for ARTIST will be coordinated by: Geoffrey Schuhkraft, ________________________________________


Recording, taping, broadcasting, or filming of ARTIST'S performance will NOT be permitted without an express written agreement with ARTIST and Pucker Productions.


ARTIST or ARTIST'S licensee shall have the exclusive right to sell, advertise, promote and distribute in and about the venue any and all merchandise bearing ARTIST'S name and/or likeness, including but not limited to souvenir program books, pictures, records, items of clothing and jewelry, receipts derived from the sale of said merchandise belong 100% solely to ARTIST. 


BUYER agrees to provide ARTIST with Fifty (50) prime complimentary tickets, in a reserved house, in center rows ten (10)-twenty (20), unused portion of which may be placed on sale day of performance with the permission of ARTIST. If general admission house, unused portion may also be placed on sale the day of the performance.


 BUYER agrees to provide a minimum of thirty (30) backstage passes which shall be given to Road Manager upon arrival. If BUYER does not provide backstage passes or if ARTIST requests his passes to be used, then his passes will supersede any other passes. Backstage personnel will be required to wear a pass. 


ARTIST reserves the right to invite and meet any personnel from any area radio stations even if they are not the "presenting" station for the show. 


BUYER shall use only those photographs and publicity materials provided by ARTIST's representative. No other materials may be used without written consent of ARTIST's representative. 


BUYER to make accessible parking space for one (1) forty-five (45) foot bus as close to stage entrance as possible. 


BUYER or a fully authorized representative shall be on hand from stage call through completion of final performance of ARTIST to deal with any contingency that might arise in the production of the performance. 


BUYER agrees to provide at no cost to ARTIST, sufficient security personnel for ARTIST'S protection, his instruments, costumes, and personal property before, during and after the performance. 


A minimum of four (4) stagehands are required for load in and set-up, tear down and load- out. All crew shall be under the supervision of and directed by the ARTIST's personnel.


ARTIST shall have first right to set up for all instruments and properties used in engagement, and aforementioned instruments or properties shall not be moved/relocated without express permission of ARTIST'S management. ARTIST reserves the right to use all of his equipment in connection with engagement. ARTIST has the right to remove equipment from the stage and load out upon completion of his portion of the show. 


If performance is to be held outdoors, BUYER agrees to provide at no cost to ARTIST, a suitable roof for the stage as protection against inclement weather. BUYER must also provide adequate grounds of all instruments and electrical equipment to prevent electrical hazards. In the event this show is not presented due to inclement weather, ARTIST must be paid in full, provided ARTIST is present and ready to perform at the designated time as specified in this contract. Any outdoor show must always provide a suitable roof, rain or shine. 


BUYER agrees that ARTIST shall have the right to cancel this agreement without liability upon written notice to BUYER no later that thirty (30) days prior to the date of performance in the event that ARTIST secures a commitment for a motion picture, broadway musical, television appearance, recording session, or other career opportunities deemed important by ARTIST. 


BUYER is to provide a professional sound and light system to Artist's specifications, at no cost to ARTIST. ALL SOUND & LIGHT EQUIPMENT, BACKLINE, STAGING, POWER SERVICES AND CREWS ARE SUBJECT TO THE APPROVAL OF ARTIST'S PRODUCTION MANAGER and must be set and operable at least six (6) hours prior to start of show for sound check and sound pressure levels will be checked at that time. 


If ARTIST is booked as a package with other Artists, BUYER assures that ARTIST will have no less than sixty (60) minutes of stage check during sound check period or ARTIST reserves the right not to perform. 


BUYER agrees to furnish two (2) clean, secure dressing rooms with private bathroom facilities and at least one (1) grounded (three (3) pronged) electrical outlet. There must be twelve (12) towels placed in the dressing rooms for ARTIST and crew. Both dressing rooms should contain a lighted mirror, lavatory, shower facilities with hot water, soap, towels, chairs and suitable racks for hanging clothes. BUYER agrees to be solely responsible for the security of items in dressing rooms and shall keep all unauthorized persons from entering said area. 


Upon arrival for set up: Cokes, Diet Cokes, chips, chocolate, deli sandwiches, fruit plate, pineapple juice, one (1) case of bottled water (24), ice and glasses, and Slippery Elm Bark Tea (available at health food stores) and hot water for tea. This should be for ARTIST, band personnel, and crew only! 


A catered well-balanced meal and beverages to feed ARTIST and staff- total of twelve (12) people with the time of the meal to be coordinated by road manager, (usually late afternoon or early evening).


BUYER will provide quality transportation from airport to hotel, hotel to venue, venue to hotel, and hotel to airport at no cost to the ARTIST. 


BUYER will provide two (2) bedroom suites and one (1) single room at an approved first-class hotel. Rooms are to be available one (1) day prior to engagement and day of the engagement at no cost to the ARTIST. 


AGREED AND ACCEPTED ON THIS DATE OF ______________________ , 200____.



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Purchaser's Contact Person:  ___________________________  Phone: __________________________________ 


Disclaimer:  All Contract Riders are provided online for informational purposes ONLY and are subject to change.

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